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Josh Kaplan
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We went 6–1 last night bringing the total to 55–43. What a great Thursday night, even the side bets went 1–1 with Philly losing to the Blazers. We didn’t get our draw in the FA cup and South Africa lost in cricket (home bias much Brad?) but other than that everything else hit, including the Celtics who won easily except for a few scary minutes in the fourth. When two people agree on a bet does it give you confidence that the bet is going to hit or does you make you think that its less likely to hit? I don’t know how I feel about people agreeing. When 90% of the public money is on something I almost always take the other side of it, but that’s basically just taking the opposite of two people agreeing right? So when two people agree for the blog, maybe I should take the opposite side of agreements? What about if one person does research and comes to the same conclusion as a gut instinct picker, do I still take the other side of those? It’s a conundrum.

First up is the Scottish soccer championship- we have Queen of the South +700 vs Heart of Midlothian -325. Brad brought us this pick and he is on Heart of Midlothians -325. That’s not a crazy bet and these are bad odds for a championship game but the reason this got thrown in the mix is look at those names?! Scottish leagues got it right, the Queens of the South vs the Heart of Midlothians? That’s some epic ancient Greek Olympus type matchup. I wish the odds were closer but maybe ill still tune in to watch these gods (dumb Scottish soccer players) do battle.

NHL- Blues -135 vs Coyotes +110 o/u 5.5. Lauren is back after her double winner last night to try again and she is on the Coyotes +110 and the OVER 5.5. Lauren hasn’t picked a double loser yet, so if you take the Coyotes +, the worst thing that should happen is you break even. Also even if you don’t break even, without knowing it Lauren once again has taken my favorite bet. She picked the underdog and the over, which as ive said is the best way to watch a game. We all want the underdog to win and we all want to see lots of points. If you prefer a 1–0 win to a 4–2 win, kindly move along.

Im going to keep the bruins and Celtics parts a little bit short because its Friday night and I let Massachusetts homers pick both games.

Bruins -135 vs Rangers +150 o/u 5.5 — Tom and Brad are both on the Bruins and the Over here. This is Toms first pick this week I think (5–1 last week) and its foreign correspondent Brads first NHL pick so lets hope for a double winner or at least a Bruins win with an under split.

Pistons vs Celtics -7.5 o/u 219.5 Miller is being as unbiased as he can be, picking the Pistons +7.5 and OVER 219. Both teams are on the second night of a back to back so lets hope that little defense gets played and the Celtics win 115- 110.

Pelicans vs Mavericks -3 o/u 233.5 — Jacob and Devin combined for the same pick on this one which I kind of hate? They both went Mavs -3 and over 233.5 which is a fine bet, nothing wrong with it, but I don’t like it when Devin agrees with anyone really. Same thing with Rafi, those two are spose to be my wild cards. If they agree with someone does that make the bet more likely to hit or LESS likely, right now im leaning towards less likely, but we’ll have to put some research into it. Go Mavs, but ill be watching. Also do we need a name for when instincts have the same prediction as research? Maybe I should google it.

Louisiana Tech vs UAB -1 o/u 132 — Basketball expert Sarah is back to pick from a sport she does not watch. I picked this matchup because it was the highest win total on the board and the board looks a little shaky tonight. All of the top 25 teams playing tonight are either postponed or playing a team with two wins so I figured this would be the most fun matchup even though I also know nothing about College Basketball really. Sarah is on UAB because she doesn’t know who they are and the OVER because I talked her into it, 132 seems too low right? I double checked it, both teams have scored 80+ so lets go UAB, score more than 65 and win! Also go Sarah, keep picking winners.

Side bets –

Hand ball — French league — Ivry -140 vs Chartres +170, draw +750. Im not even sure how you get a draw in handball and foreign correspondent Brad is on Ivry -140 here but im on the Draw. Im gonna keep throwing small amounts of money on draw until I get one.

Spurs vs Hawks -1.5 — I think the hawks are kind of bad right now but they are working some of their wings back in and I fucking hate the spurs so we are on the HAWKS -1.5 for the side, late night bet if yer awake and bored.

Ivry -140

Hawks -1.5

Official picks –

Heart of Midlothians -325

Coyotes +110 over 5.5 goals

Bruins -135 over 5.5 goals

Pistons +7.5 over 219.5

Mavs -3 over 233.5

UAB -1 over 132

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