Saturday Speculations

We had a nice rebound yesterday with a 7–4 day/night bringing our total up to 95–83. The Celtics finally looked good, no one except Tom is good at picking NHL games and apparently UMBC doesn’t just play prison rules basketball, they play regular rules and aren’t bad at it. This weekend we are going to split the blog up into two parts because I cant find good enough odds for the Sunday games yet so sit tight for that. I think both days will be 6 games, 9–12 picks each day though so choose your spots if you are actually backing any of these bets. I know a few people take a lot of the bets on the page and sometimes just blindly take a whole day of bets hoping for the best so maybe at the end of this month ill check in with those folks and see how much money we won them! Or more likely, how much we lost them, because that’s just how gambling works, but its fun!

Fulham +120 vs Sheffield +270 Draw +220 o/u 2 goals — Brad says Fulham is going to win and I think two goals is low so we are going to go with the over as well. I looked it up and neither of these two teams are good at scoring BUT both teams are in the bottom for goals against, which means they’re going to let up a lot of goals, right? Or in soccer is It more like if you cant score you just cant score no matter how bad the D is? Like a shitty QB in real football, MERCA! Either way, Fulham with the over.

Rugby- Quick littler rugby game tossed in for anyone who cares. The Guinness Pro 14 is going on and Edinburgh +140 is playing Munster -200. Foreign correspondent Brad picked the underdog here and we are going with Edinburgh +140, hopefully the game is in Edinburgh. As far as I can tell with Rugby and Soccer home field means A LOT- are fans allowed at Scottish rugby games? If they are I bet Brad is right and Edinburgh wins, but we have no way of finding out until the game is over.

Golden Knights -105 vs Avalanche -115 o/u 5.5 — I asked two different people about this game and they both took the over so we are for sure on that BUT Denis is on the Knights and Lauren is on the Avs. Lauren has been more right about the NHL so we are going to go with the Avs on this but if this game goes Denis’s way ill have to re think who I text first about NHL games in the future. Truth is they both probably want to be wrong so ill stop bothering them at 830 in the morning about hockey games they aren’t going to watch. Go Avs.

Suns vs Grizz +4 o/u 224 — Apparently, I forgot to text someone about this game so we get another Josh pick. I split my bulls pick yesterday so ill try to do better today and im on the Suns -4 and the OVER 224, mostly because it rhymes. I guess it would rhyme no matter how you say it, but it sounds better suns minus 4 over 224. The suns are red hot right now (get it?) and the Grizz in the same spot the Celtics seem to be in which isn’t great so it make sense in my gut.

Texas Tech vs Kansas -1.5 o/u 133.5 Rafi is here for some college basketball pickin and he says Texas tech logo is cool and birds aren’t real so TT with the over. Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better my self. Birds are just drones that the government uses to watch us so the Kansas JAYHAWKS will only win this game with the help of the government, and the government should be helping Texas more than Kansas right now. Also birds are bad a dribbling balls, their wings are full of weak brittle bones and if they use their talons they will pop the ball. Texas tech all day with the over.

West Virginia vs Texas -3.5 o/u 147 — Devin is back and says “Colt McCoy! Touchdowns! Over!” Which I fucking love. Texas -3.5 and the over. I don’t really love the bet it self or Texas but I remember Colt playing at Texas was appointment television and the state of Texas as a whole could use a win right now, so why not lil Tehas magic. Go Texas. Also I would have accepted Vince young as a Texas over bet OR I would have accepted Vicks little brother or Pat Mcafee as WV bets, not that those mean anything.

Fulham +120, over 2

Edinburgh +140

Avalanche -115 over 5.5

Suns -4 over 224

TT +1.5 over 133.5

Texas -3.5 over 147

Man we are on a lot of overs today. Ill have Sundays blog up late tonight or early tomorrow, till then gamble responsibly.

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