Superbowl hangover winners

Josh Kaplan
4 min readFeb 8, 2021


What a weekend of sports! It wasn’t even really a good weekend of games, there were just a lot of them going on. We went 8–9 over the weekend to bring the overall total 34–28. It started with a strong Saturday going 6–3 but fell apart on Sunday going 2–6. Maybe I shouldn’t use lines from Friday night for Sunday games or maybe we just sucked at picking stuff that day, OR maybe I should stop picking against Man City, who knows. What I do know is that Tom Brady is champion in the NFL and Kevin lost money to me on the game, so all is right with the world. Nothing tells me that 2021 is on a better path than Tom being the champ and Kevin losing money, its beautiful. I think we’re going to have some more rugby and EPL games this week but for tonight its just CBB, NBA and NHL. Hopefully we can bring a few Ws back and try to build a bank roll before losing it all on whatever big event comes next, march madness maybe? I think we’re going to try to bring golf tournaments in soon too, but im not sure how to do those on the blog yet, so we’ll see.

Rockets vs Hornets +2.5 o/u 222 — This is my game tonight obviously. The rockets are up and down right now but yall know im driving this wagon. Rockets -2.5. This game is 100% a tossup, the final score could be 85–80 or 125 -120 either team on either side so when you see a game like what do you do? You pick the team that’ll make you happier if they win and you put money on them. Under no circumstance should people actually bet like this, I can tell you from a lifetime of gambling that it does not work and you will lose in the long run but I can also tell you that I will NOT stop doing it. Id rather lose betting with my heart than win money with my brain! That’s what all poor losers say right? Go Rockets.

Bucks vs Nuggets +4 o/u 230.5 — Jacob is back and he is on the Bucks -4 with the Under 230.5. Jacob says Jamaal murray might be out and harris IS out so it’s an easy bet on the bucks. Luckily my heart agrees with that so I wont argue with Jacobs research, normally my heart hates research but my heart also doesn’t know how it feels about the bucks. Truth is ive been on the wrong side of the bucks a lot this year but Jacob has been pretty spot on with them so id say this is likely the safest bet on the blog today.

Zaga vs Byu +11 o/u 155.5 -I have no idea how this game is going to go. Everything ive seen said about CBB this year says Zags are by far the best team but Byu doesn’t seem terrible and 11 points is a lot so I called the only man I could about this bet, CBB expert Devin. Devin says “Adam Morrison and Kelly Olynyk have yucky hair. And its long. So them and the over”. I mean it is true, Morrison and Olynyk have had long yucky hair in their lives and they both did play for Gonzaga so Zags -11 and OVER 155.5. Nuff said.

OSU vs Maryland +3.5 o/u 139 — I texted Sarah about this one, she was right about TB winning the super bowl, why cant she be right about CBB? Because she doesn’t watch any basketball at all much less college? Poppycock, she can be right without knowing anything. Sarah Takes Ohio State -3 and the OVER 139. She only actually took OSU -3, im adding the over here. Both teams can put up 80, so a 140 over seems reasonable. Doing a little research might doom me here but I feel confident about it.

Islanders -105 vs Rangers -115 o/u 5.5 — I asked Tom about this game and he said “Ill have to look into that one, I haven’t seen either team play yet” which is a real bitch ass answer on the mostly feelings bets blog (god that’s a bad name, I need a name for these things). So I politely asked tom to just pick with his gut and he came back with Islanders and the UNDER. Now I don’t know if this bet was researched or not because it was a few minutes between texts and we haven’t talked again since but IF this is a researched bet, I don’t like it, if it’s a gut bet I LOVE it. We’ll have to ask tom later and see how he landed.

Rockets -2.5

Bucks -4 total under 230.5

Zags -11 total over 155.5

Ohio State -3.5 total over 139

Islanders -105 total under 5.5

We need a name for this pansy ass series of blogs. Something with little to no research and lots of feelings/guts in the picks. Lemme know if anyone has an idea.

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