Sunday sickness

Way to go team! We went 10–4 last night bringing us up to 184–175 over-all, one more above .500 day and we will be officially cruising! Now, is that over .500 day going to happen? No probably not, im very sick and if someone didn’t respond to a text about a game I asked them, im just going to pick it because I don’t have the energy to try harder. Also there are like 3 games I wanted to put in and I cant because I overslept (see the im sick excuse) so that throws a whole wrench into my pickem day and just add on for fun that we’ve never had a winning Sunday in the 3 months ive been doing this. Needless to say its going to be an uphill battle for me and for the blog today. Is needless to say the right thing to say at the beginning of that last sentence? I feel like its not, because I already said all of my excuses, so why did I need to say needless to say? Is this the fever talking? Also like I said, im sick so im not proof reading this and some of the entries are going to be short. Also some come make me toast, im seriously sick and my dog made me breakfast but then he ate it.

Man City v Man U and Tottenham vs crystal palace — Now as I right this the game of the day, Man v Man is on TV so that wont be in our official picks but ROSS picked both of these games for us today so Man v Man will be unofficial, Tot vs CP will be official. The reason I put them both in the same paragraph like this is that Ross picked the same score for both games. Ross has BOTH games at 2–1, a 2–1 win for CITY and a 2–1 win for TOTT. Our official pick is TOTT -180, OVER 2 goals, but we’ll see just how good ross is with our City v U tester. Also Ross gave me these picks while shopping inside of a Lowes, so if he gets one or both of them right then he Is definitely coming for Toms spot as top picker. Way to come thru and respond to my texts Ross.

Bruins -260 vs Devils +210 5.5 goals — Andy says there will be LESS than 5 goals scored in this game and I say the bruins are going to win, so if you don’t feel like betting on the bruins at -260 just bet the UNDER with Andy.

Caps -110 v Flyers -110 o/u6 -Rafi has picked double winners 2 or 3 days in a row but he didn’t respond to my text about this game. We are going to go Flyers OVER 6. If this game is a loser its 100000% Rafis fault for not responding, hes the one picking winners right now. I suck at gambling.

TT vs baylor -8 o/u 137.5 — I cant even remember if I sent anyone a text about this game, but we are going BAYLORE and OVER.

Oregon vs Oregon state +5.5 o/u 137 — Devin says Jacoby Ellesbury and the over so Oregon state and the over. We are branching out into Baseball players now I guess. Is it any pro athlete besides basketball? Don’t tell me, I don’t actually wanna know. Just keep picking with your weird almost autistic like methods, I love it.

Wisconsin vs Iowa -7 o/u 143- Denis says Iowa -7 and the over.

Tottenham -180 over 2 goals

Bruins -260 under 5.5

Flyers -110 over 6

Balor -8 over 137.5

Oregon State +5.5 over 137

Iowa -7 over 143

Sorry the shitty blog, hopefully itll be better tomorrow

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