Sunday Service

Happy Easter y’all! The Lord has risen and so have we. That’s how easter works, right? The lord rose today and picked some winners? We went 6–4 last night bringing us to 327–239 over all with just two days of picks left. Man that UCLA game was great last night, they cashed a double winner for us but I really wish they had won outright, im definitely rooting against Gonzaga now, fuck your undefeated season Zags, also UCLA colors would have been better for Easter, just saying. Devin split the game he got, he picked the winner with the spread correct but the over/under wrong, so the question is do we let him pick the national championship tomorrow? Im leaning towards no, but it is the final pick of the set and I think Devin probably made the most picks? Maybe ill go back and look to see who got the most picks in over the last 6 weeks and that person will get to pick the NCAA champ and final pick of this record. For now though, we have NBA, NCAAW, MLB and NHL so lets get going! PS my Grandpa fell this morning and had to go to the hospital, he’s fine but I cant stop making “christ has risen” jokes and im pretty sure my family hates me, Happy Easter! Fall on a different day if you don’t want me to make jokes bro.

Orioles +140 vs Red Sox -150 o/u 9.5 — I have no idea why this line Is like this, the orioles won the first two, both games were low scoring and I don’t even know the guy starting for the Sox. Lauren is taking the Red Sox and the under though, giving them one more chance at their first win. Lauren also made a carrot cake that I really want a slice of but she wont share it so im hoping that karma doesn’t come back to bite her. Share your cake and I bet the Sox win big Lauren, keep hoarding it like a cake miser and they will surely lose, the choice is yours! Go Sox, go under!

Hornets vs Celtics -9 o/u 215.5 — In this match up of Celtics South vs Celtics North I decided to ask Celtics South (Hornets obvi) season ticket holder, Jacob, for his input. Jacob went with the Hornets and over 215.5 adding that the Celtics are going to win by 6! If you’ve missed it, Jacob has been pretty spot on with his Celtics scores lately and I fucking love this bet so lets have a day Jacob. The Hornets are banged up with no ball or hayward but are still a good young team with plenty of fight and the Celtics need this win to try to climb into that 4/5 seed area, should be a great game to avoid the family and watch. Youll especially want to avoid your family if you’ve been making jokes about your grandpa not being able to get up from a fall when jesus literally ROSE from the dead, lazy SOB. GO CELTICS!

Warriors vs Hawks +2 o/u 222.5 — Denis took this one and he decided to go with the hawks and the over 222.5 points. I really haven’t paid attention to the NBA in like 2 weeks because the Celtics suck so I have no idea if this is a good bet or a bad bet. What I do know is I keep picking against bird teams lately so I like that we have the hawks backs on this one, you gotta show the birds some love some times. <Insert the more you know gif> Cats kill like 3 billion birds a year and I grew up in a bird house, my mom had birds my whole childhood, it was terrible but 1 of the talked and 2 sang. And that’s the more you know portion of the blog, GO HAWKS.

NCAAW National Championship Arizona vs Stanford -9 o/u 129 — Im taking this game and if I get it right, I get the NCAAM national championship maybe, and if I get it wrong we go back to letting whoever had the most picks, pick it. Im going to take the underdog and the over of course because if im going to watch women’s basketball im at least going to make the most fun bet I can on it. Also I have a friend moving to Arizona soon and they are nervous about it so why not take Zona and cheer for the state? I have no idea who is going to win though, im not even 100% sure which one of these teams beat Uconn, I assume its Stanford since they are favorites. GO ARIZONA.

Last up is an NHL game, we have the Stars +145 vs Hurricanes -165 o/u 5.5 — Former Hurricane player and foreign correspondent Brad took a break from golfing to pick this game for us, for real he was golfing when I asked him for this game this morning, on the lords second birthday no less. It is technically his second birthday right? Anyone ever talk about that? Or do you gotta come out a vagina to be birthed? C section babies exist, maybe this is Jesus’s C Section bday. Brad did the right thing and took the Hurricanes with the over. GO HURRICANES, I wish I like that halsey Hurricane song more, its not a bad song its just not great.

Picks –

Sox -150 under 9.5

Arizona +9 over 129

Hornets +9 over 215.5

Hawks +2 over 222.5

Hurricanes -165 over 5.5

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