Sunday Funday Sports

3–4 Last night brings the total to 24–20 so we are going to shake things up for a fun Sunday of sports. Im going to just pick 5 NBA games and 5 NFL games. Im not going to be picking what I think are the best bets, im just going to pick the games that are going to be the most fun to watch OR games that I think are going to be so bad they are good. Afterall that’s why casual bettors, bet, right? Just to be entertained? Im asking because I don’t know. Speaking of entertaining, go watch Attack on Titan or Letterkenny on Hulu, also hulu if yer reading this, give me some money for talking about you all the time.


Celtics vs Pistons +8 o/u 213- The Celtics looked horrible the other night against the pistons, not only did they not cover as 9.5 point favorites, they outright lost. SO for that reason and many others, im on the Celtics -8. Detroit has their first win and that will lead to them laying off the gas a little and the Celtics are going to blow out this pistons team. Also, the Pistons can’t shoot but im going to go all in on the Celtics scoring a lot and take the over here too. No rhyme or reason, just doing it.

Wizards vs Nets-8.5 o/u 240- I think the Nets are great but I still think the Wiz are better than their record. They got their first win on Friday without westbrook and they are a Hachimura error away from maybe having TWO wins. So lets take the Wiz+8.5 here and get ready for a fun game. This game and the Clippers vs suns are going to best two NBA games today.

Mavs vs Bulls+5.5 o/u 225- Luka is a game time decision and the bulls have like 4 players out. I picked this game before I saw luka was a GTD, otherwise I wouldn’t pick a boring as game with no stars to watch. If I wanted good fundamental basketball id watch the WNBA or some college team with 4 white senior starters. So lets pretend like Luka is in and take the Mavs -5.5. If he doesn’t play we hope for the best and if he does play they’ll prolly win.

Clippers vs suns +3 o/u 218.5- Best game of the night and im happy its not at 10pm. Ive said it a couple times now, if the suns are healthy and getting points you must take them so im on the Suns+3 here. If the clippers aren’t down by 50 at half this will for sure be the game of the day. Flipping between this and the Washington Football Team game will be what we all need to veg out after starting our new years resolutions.

Blazers vs Warriors +5 o/u 234.5- I chose to pick from this game because the over under is 2345 which I find aesthetically pleasing. That’s it, no other reason. I honestly have no idea who is going to win, I just like the 2345 aspect. Lets go warriors +5 tho, maybe the over if yer feeling frisky and bored after watching a full day of sports.

Pistons Celtics- Celtics-8

Wizards Nets- Wizards +8.5

Mavs Bulls- Mavs -5.5

Clippers Suns- Suns +3

Blazers Warriors- Warriors +5

NFL 5 — For the NFL we are going to pick two 1pm games, two 4pm games and the night game. Some teams are playing for nothing but the games I chose to pick from all have a lot at stake.

Dallas vs NYG+1.5 total 44- If Washington loses whichever team wins this is in the playoffs and I really don’t wanna see Andy Dalton or that terrible Dallas D have a home playoff game so lets take the Giants +1.5. I think Danny Dimes is going to be a little bit healthier and Dallas is a far easier opponent then Baltimore was last week so taking the points is a no brainer. Plus seeing Dallas fans sad on twitter is always fun, eliminating them from the playoffs early in the day will be entertaining if you are bored.

Miami vs Buffalo-1 total 42- Miami needs a win against a great buffalo team to get in and this game doesn’t mean much to buffalo with the 1 seed already sewn up by Kansas City. Lets take Miami +1 point. If Fitzmagic gets in the game they’ll have a great chance to cover and if he doesn’t get in the game itll be because the Fins are already winning. Miami forces 2 turnovers and wins by 3. Or they don’t and they miss the playoffs after a weird year with a great defense.

GB vs Chicago +4.5 total 43.5- GB still has something left to play for because the seahawks can still get the 1 seed and the first round bye I think. And the bears have stunk against the Packers for pretty much the entire time ive been alive (born in 87 so I missed the 85 bears, sorry Ditka). That being said, im still on the bears +4.5. Hicks should be back and as healthyish so the bears win this one and make the playoffs. OR they lose and much like with dallas, itll be fun to look at their sad fans on twitter. That’s what I use twitter for, Sports, News, and sad fan bases.

Cardinals vs Rams +2.5 total 41.5- Rams are likely the better team but no Goff and Kyler being hurt makes this a toss up. Im going to take the OVER and just hope for the best few fluke plays and that should hit easy. If the Cardinals win I think it creates the most chaos, so that’s what you want to cheer for, take them -2.5, I just don’t feel confident at all in it.

WFT vs Philly+4 total 44- Win and in for the WFT, philly has nothing but pride to play for so obviously im on the WFT. Hurts is obviously better than Wentz btw, what a disaster that QB situation is, they shouldn’t have ever picked Wentz over Foles. Obviously whoever wins doesn’t matter, this game will be a fun watch because of the outcome of the Giants Cowboys game so if you feel like just being entertained, bet the over, sit back and relax.

Dallas NY-NY+1.5

Miami Buffalo- Miami+1

GB Chicago- Bears +4.5

Rams Cardinals- OVER 41.5

WFT Philly- WFT -4

That’s it for picks for today, lets have a fun Sunday of sports.



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