Space is confirmed neat

Google news decided to show me a great article about space this morning. Maybe its because I wrote about space yesterday and google decided to show me more space shit. Maybe space is really cool and the new popular thing now and tons of people are writing about it. It’s the former, google knows everything and shows you what it thinks you want. Either way this article popped up on me this morning, so I wanted to touch base on the fact that Space is again, very neat.

I highly suggest giving this article a read but if you don’t want to ill give you a few bullet points of whats going on.

First thing up is that we (the USA) have 3 missions to mars all set to land before the end of February. I didn’t know that, isn’t that fucking cool? That rover we sent there years ago sings happy birthday to it self alone every year. Its so sad that it does that and that they programmed it to do that. Well now it might have 3 friends or even more! I say even more because The United Arab Emirates has a mars mission set to touch down in 2021 and China has something landing on mars in 2021. Safe to say that little mars rover wont be singing happy birthday alone this year.

On top of cool missions to mars by global governments, some private (or public) businesses are sending rockets into space too. 2021 is going to be loaded with rockets being launched into the sky according to this article, hundreds of rockets and spaceships in fact. Elon Musk and Spacex are trying to send more and more flights into space in 2021 which would mean a record number of PEOPLE in space. Not astronauts, not metal tubes full of nothing, not even lonely space rovers, we are trying to privately send regular people higher and higher into space. Do I wanna be one of the people on these spaceships going higher and higher into the atmosphere? No. No I don’t, that sounds terrifying. But its still really cool.

Lastly is a cool thing that a lot of people have never heard off. The James Webb Space Telescope. Everyone’s heard of the Hubble space telescope, its where we get most of our furthest space images from but the James webb is even better. This article describes this telescope and its launch as a “flagship astrophysics mission”. How fucking dope does something have to be before you look into it. A fucking “flagship astrophysics mission”? Sign me the fuck up. Again sign me up to look at, not go on. Im very fine down here on earth. Space is neat.

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