We were narrowly above .500 last night, 6–5, bringing us to 128–124 overall. Our last game of the night was CBB and Nevada closed out a 20-point first half deficit to only lose by 3 thankfully giving us the double winner we desperately needed. The Celtics won a game finally and did not look terrible doing it, in my opinion the pacers also stink right now (2 of their 5 starters are still out) but a win is a win and ill take it. Speaking of wins, what happened to the Bruins? After a massive win at the outdoor game they seem like they forgot how to play inside. Did they like playing in the sunlight so much that light bulbs wont do it anymore? Do we need to put a retractable roof on the TD garden? That would cost so much taxpayer money but im down if it gets us more wins. We have an action-packed weekend with a lot of games across a bunch of sports so ill try not to ramble too much, but im already failing pretty hard at that so lets get into it.

Our Golfer update PR open leader -11, Grace -9, Seamus Power -5 — Grace still has a great chance at winning this cursed tournament but Finau has just as good a shot at breaking the curse so who knows.

WGC Leader -11 — Finau -9, Kisner -8, Hatton -1. Like I said Finau has a real chance at breaking the Puerto Rico Open curse this weekend but he has had great chances every weekend to break it because hes really good at golf, he’s always at the top of the leader board and he falls short every time because he is cursed from Puerto Rico so im cheering hard for Kisner.

Rugby is up first! Ireland vs Italy +19.5 — Brad says Ireland really needs a win so if you feel like betting on Ireland -1200 go for it but those odds are terrible and this game is so bad the over/under bets have been shut off. We took an easy handball win yesterday so I wont do it again, im on Italy+19.5, I cant remember how Italy did in the past few weeks but It cant be 20 points worse than Ireland. I cant believe im saying this because I promised I would never say this about a WWII axis power but GO ITALY!

EDIT 254 pm; Kyrie is out and i asked Denis if he wanted to change his pick and he did so he switched to the mavs with the over. Not sure why we are on the over now, but woo, lets go Mavs. Mavericks vs Nets -3.5 o/u 238.5 — Denis is back to pick and his best sport seems to be the NBA so we gave him what will probably be the NBA game of the night. Denis went with the Nets -3.5 and the under here so that’s what we’re on too! Last night Denis picked against the Celtics and they finally won (the over hit though, so he split) and even though he picked the loser, it was A) very close and 2) GREAT MOJO. We cant underestimate good mojo, not now, not ever, at the end of that game we were looking at split at worst and at best it was going to be a Celtics win, spread win and o/u win. We need more of those types of games/endings in our lives.

Pelicans vs Spurs +4 o/u 226 — Im picking this game because Jacob didn’t respond to my text this morning but the truth is I only texted Jacob because I wanted him to pick the Spurs so I wouldn’t have to. I didn’t want to pick the spurs my self because I hate them but they’re damn good so I was depending on someone else to make the correct pick for me, well NO MORE. Today I stop letting my biases cloud my NBA judgement, Pelicans -4 with the over. Oh god damnit, I still didn’t pick the Spurs? Oh well, fuck the spurs. Pels played the Bucks and Cs close, lets hope they beat Pop.

Hurricanes -120 vs Panthers +100 o/u 6- Brad says whoever is at home and the over so Panthers +100 and OVER 6. God dammit, we cant get anyone to pick the hurricanes. I thought for sure Brad would be on the Canes because we went to the same High school with the same fucking mascot. I mean he played ON the hurricane’s hockey team, why not pick them to win this game? Underdog with the Over is a fun bet though, GO PANTHERS!

Maple Leafs -115 vs Oilers -105 o/u 6.5 — This should be the game of the night in the NHL because the leafs and oilers are both WAGONs right now so I figured why not let Rafi have a crack at it. Rafi says he’s sick of the winter so he’s going with the Leafs because leafs are above the ground and closer to the warm warm sun than oil which is under the ground and potentially cold, also go with the over. Im so sick of the winter too man, covid depression + seasonal depression + regular depression = you start a gambling blog because you need something to do while you’re trapped inside with your thoughts. Good bet, LEAFS with the over.

NCAAB- I put FOUR that’s right 4! Ncaab games in today, 2 went to Devin and 2 went to a former NCAA employee who cant legally gamble but knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Maybe ill see if I can get a current NCAA employee or two to fill out brackets and we’ll all go against them in March madness? Instinct pickers vs Intrenched employees?

Texas vs Texas Tech -3.5 o/u 136 He who shall not be named picked Texas and the over saying that without crowds “blah blah blah”. I stopped listening to him after a few seconds because it sounded like I was right about the lack of crowds really fucking with stuff, Texas +3.5 OVER 136.

Oklahoma vs OK state +5 o/u 139 Devin pick — Devin went with Adrian Beatason with the Over — Fun fact that was my Fantasy Football team name in 2016 or 17 and I won the championship that year not to brag, but if anyone from that league is reading this, SUCK IT NERDS, yall sucked that year. Anyway, I like the pick, Oklahoma -5 OVER 139.

Baylor vs Kansas +5 o/u 142 — Like I said I stopped listening to the NCAA employee pretty quick so I didn’t really hear what he had to say about this game but im on Baylor here with the Over. The last two times these teams met it was Baylor with the over so why not again, fuck it.

Gonzaga vs Loyola +25 o/u 153.5- Devin Pick — This one takes a leap of faith to believe in but I like Devin’s reason here. Devin went with Loyola +25 and the over and the reason is the best athlete from our high school went on to go to Loyola and then he went on to play in Major League Lacrosse and on top of that he is a really nice guy. His name is Josh Hawkins, and he has nothing but good mojo around him so Loyola +25 It is!

Tomorrow we will have 2 EPL games, 3 NBA games, 2 NHL games, 1 CBB game and golf updates but for now today’s picks -

Rugby Italy +19.5

Pelicans -4 over 226.5

Mavs+ 1.5 over 233 (where the odds were after i looked at the news)

Panthers +100 over 6

Maple Leafs -115 over 6.5

Texas +3.5 over 136

Loyola +25 over 153.5 (The over is a dumb bet in this game, but I think Loyola +25 aint bad)

Baylor -5 over 142

Oklahoma -5 over 139

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