Happy Friyay everyone, scrupleswagon is my new term. We went 3–3 last night thanks to the bruins finally cracking open their scoring in the third period last night, once again showcasing why its ok to just tune in for the third period or 4th quarter. It was 2–0 Flyers going into the 3rd and at the end of the third it was 4–4, last period rules. I really wish the Jazz would stop being a good team and making me look dumb for betting against them but mark my words, I will NOT stop betting against the Utah Jazz. I will admit that Mitchel is fun to watch though. 73–82 overall, still 9 games below .500 but we have some good momentum going and there are a lot of fun games tonight. Also its fun that the NBA is putting the spurs on one night and the jazz on the next, just giving me something to hate every night. I decided the opposite of bandwagon is going to be the scrupleswagon. If you are on the scrupleswagon for a team, it means they might be a good team or are a very good team but you hate them and have your scruples about them. Scrupleswagon.

Bulls vs Hornets -3.5 o/u 227.5 — I put this game in after I took the Rockets out, I still like the rockets tonight but no wood and no wall means ill watch something else. The bulls have won 2 in a row but their last 3 losses are all by 3 or less points so im going to take the Bulls +3.5 here. This game could go either way and if you have strong feelings about it, you are flat out wrong. No one knows how this game is going to go, im just going to take the points and hope the bulls keep it close.

Celtics vs 76ers -4.5 o/u222.5 — Celtics +4.5. I know I lost taking the Celtics the other day but I think they figured out that you cant just foul Embiid over and over and over and hope to still win. So lets hope Tatum is back and they don’t lose by more than 4. Go C’s!

Heat vs Raptors -2.5 o/u 220.5 — I don’t know why the Heat are getting points here, it once again make no sense. Without Butler and Herro the heat still beat the Raps by 9 two days ago so im going to take the points and hope for the best. Heat +2.5. I know the heat aren’t the same team that competed for a championship right now, but neither are the Raptors they both kind of stink but at least the heat have been injured or having covid issues, the raptors just stink. I might have to be on the scrupleswagon for the raptors, they have a couple more games to right the ship, but they are dangerously close to me jumping on.

Mavs vs Spurs +2.5 o/u 222 — Scrupleswagon for the spurs! Im taking the Mavs -2.5 here, im not positive about this but I think the Mavs are going to get a couple of roll players back for this game and maybe even Josh Richardson. Even if they don’t though, im still taking the Mavs -2.5, fuck the spurs. Im the leader of the spurs scrupleswagon, they’re a bad team with a good coach and thatll get you no where in the nba.

Golden Knights vs Coyotes o/u 5.5 goals — Short reason but im betting the over in this game again. It worked 2 days ago and I think itll work again today. The knights can score a lot goals and I might take the over any time their over/under gets set at 5.5 or below.

Sabers -125 vs Capitals +115 o/u 5.5 — I don’t get why these money lines are where they are, why are the sabers -125 vs caps? I looked again to just be sure and you can get money betting on the Caps so im going to do it. Caps +115 money line.

Bulls +3.5

Celtics +4.5

Heat +2.5

Mavs -2.5

Knights vs Coyotes OVER 5.5

Capitals +115

That’s all for today, if you read this try to work Scrupleswagon into your every day jargon. Im trying to make it a think, like fetch.

@joshkaplanjk on twitter and instagram



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