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Josh Kaplan
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It’s the freaking weekend everyone! Happy Saturday y’all, is smackdown trademarked by the WWE? I hope not. Jacob him self had a terrible gambling day yesterday, but the blog went 5–5 with two pushes and one game that didn’t happen because of covid bringing us to 220–206. Our two pushes were both correctly picked winners too, so we were very close to going 7–5 and the cancelled game was Kansas which we all know was going to be a winner so not a bad day overall. Jacob on the other hand hasn’t responded to my texts since last night so I assume he was like 2–9 on the day but all I know is that it wasn’t good, tsk tsk Jacob, you should have read the blog before placing your bets. On the downside for us I don’t think we are going to have a golf bailout like we did two weeks ago so we need some winners today and tomorrow, lets try not to suck for just 1 weekend.

Rangers +160 vs Bruins -180 o/u 5.5 — Our first game of the day is hockey, and it is brought to you by Andy. Andy did his best Tom impression literally and went with the Bruins and the under. Its my least favorite bet but it is the most likely outcome in this game. Tom was telling me the last few times these teams have played at least 1 goalie, if not both, have stood on their heads and had great games adding g that the rangers play the Bruins tough. That was before the Bruins 4–0 win, but he is still right, Halak was fantastic that game and the matchup before was 2–1 so the under is a good bet if you don’t feel like taking the bruins at -180.

Raptors vs Hornets -2.5 o/u 229.5 — Jacob was going to make this pick but like I said, he hasn’t returned any of my texts and I cant even be mad at him, he prolly hasn’t even looked at his phone because he’s afraid of seeing another losing score. Because my Kansas game yesterday was cancelled due to Covid ill pick this one, im going to take the Hornets with the under. The raptors are down 5 people due to covid and it just seems like the smart play to me. I feel like every few weeks the raptors have a covid outbreak, maybe someone on the team should start looking into that, you know what they say 1 covid outbreak shame on me, 2 covid outbreaks shame on you.

Kings vs Hawks -3.5 o/u 239.5 — Sarah is here for the other NBA game and she is on the Kings with the OVER here folks. Best bet in sports, the underdog with the over, also the hawks are so up and down right now, who knows which hawks team is going to show up. The one where Gallinari hits 8 of 10 3s, sores 35 points and the hawks win by double digits or the one where Trae Young goes 1–14 from deep and they get fucking smoked. Who knows, young teams are hard to predict, so lets get even younger and get into some CBB.

The CBB picks are going to be a little short because I have to leave my house in a few minutes and I want to get this done first.

Iowa vs Illinois -4 o/u 157 — Brad picked this one and I have no idea why I asked him to pick potentially the best game of the day (these teams are both top 10) but here we are. Brad decided to go with Illinois and the under with no reason or explanation. In my opinion, Brad guessed the correct bet, Illinois is great and Iowa is really good but great > really good. Good pick brad?

Oklahoma State vs Texas -1.5 o/u 144.5- Game 1 of 2 for Devin and im not really sure how Devins picks are going. I should probably go back and look at his recent games to make sure he is doing well but im too lazy to do that so lets just hope he’s right. Devin decided to go with Justin Blackmon in this game. Remember him? He was a STUD wide receiver that kept getting popped for weed use so they kicked him out of the league then 1 year later weed started to become legal. Lost millions of NFL dollars because of a dumb fucking rule. Anyway, Oklahoma State +1.5 and because Blackmon was always so high Devin decided to go with the UNDER here, I know you all thought I was going to say over, but Devin is a tricky one, he zigs when you think hes going to Zag.

Georgia Tech vs FSU -4.5 o/u 148 — Denis is here to pick another ACC game because so far he’s actually been pretty spot on, one of the times I didn’t use his picks he got it 100% right, I cant remember when but im sure it happened. Denis Decided to go with FSU -4.5 and the UNDER here folks. Probably a good bet, FSU has owned the ACC this year and I recon they will continue to do so until they face Virginia at some point. Go FSU.

Utah State vs San Diego State -1 o/u 129 — Game 2 of Devin’s and like I said before when you think hes going to Zig (pick Kawhi) he zags and takes Stephen Strausburg (spelling? Im not looking up his dumb name) with the over. San Diego State -1 and over 129 points. I think this our first baseball player pick, if we ever get a stats guy ill be sure to make note of it.

Picks –

Bruins -180 under 5.5 goals

Hornets -2.5 under 229.5

Kings +3.5 over 239.5

Illinois -4 under 157

OK state +1.5 under 144.5

FSU -4.5 under 148

San Diego State -1 over 129

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