Re name every team wednesday

Happy hump day everyone. We didn’t suck last night! We went 6–4 bringing us to 311–309 just barely keeping us from going under .500. 311 was a band everyone listened to for a minute, right? I don’t know anyone who actively listens to them, but we all went through a phase where we got into their music, just like LinkedIn Park or Kid Rock. 11 seed UCLA and Ross got us a double winner that we desperately needed in college, the Bruins won in a shoot out to cash us a double winner and the Suns were -6.5 but tied 110 a piece with 1 minute left and wound up winning 117–110, what im trying to say is the gambling gods were for sure on our side last night. Maybe they were happy because I didn’t ask Devin to make any dumb alumni picks yesterday, maybe they just forgot to make us lose for a night, whatever the case we need 5 more nights of it. Its all NBA and NHL tonight but the MLB comes back tomorrow and this weekend is more soccer and CBB so lets just take it real nice and easy, get some winners and come out of this not losing.

Mavericks vs Celtics +1 o/u 224.5 — Lauren is here for this one and even though she is from Boston, lives in Boston and owns more green than a leprechaun (all they have is green hats and vests, its not that much) she has decided to go with the Mavericks -1 and over 224.5. Im kind of ok with this bet, the Cs are still half bad and this bet means either the Celtics win the game or we win the bet, I know I usually come out against this type of betting but that’s more when the spread is 2.5 or more. If the spread were bigger It would put us in a place where the Cs could lose and we would lose the bet, this is more either, or. Good Pick Lauren, I hope.

Kings vs Spurs -2.5 o/u 230.5 — Ross is here to try to get us another winner in another sport and he says he could not know less about the kings or spurs but decided to go with Kings +2.5 over 230.5. I LOVE it Ross, if yall read this blog or my old picks blog you know I hate the Spurs, they ruin any bet you place on them. They win games they should lose and lose games they should win (or more specifically they don’t COVER games they should cover). So im always fine with picking against them and we all know id much rather cheer for an over then an under so bam, fuck you Spurs. While we’re at it, fuck all Spurs, the Tottenham ones, these ones, end of list? I cant think of any other Spurs teams, I bet there is a college team in Texas called the spurs but I cant think of one off the top of my head. Go Kings +2.5 over 230.5

Jazz vs Grizzlies +5 o/u 226.5 — Jacob is here for this one and he picked the Jazz -5 over 226.5. This blog has been mostly about team names so here’s the thing; how can a grizzly bear which are admittedly fierce, but how could one beat music? Would it smush the saxophone? Poke a hole in Dizzy Gillespies cheeks? Would it roar over the sound of smooth smooth jazz? Maybe inside of an elevator a bear could defeat the music, but if you are trapped in an elevator with a bear roaring you have much bigger problems then the music. Go Jazz.

Maple leafs -135 vs Jets +115 o/u 6- Sarah is back for some NHL picking and she decided to go with the Leafs and under 6 goals. Its no surprise that Sarah picked against the Jets here, she hates the NFL Jets and NHL is 1 letter away from NFL and that’s TOO CLOSE. Also Jets is a dumb team name, isn’t it? Jets were dope in the 50s but they arent really great anymore, they’re kind of normal now. Didn’t they put a jet engine into a motorcycle recently? Change your name to the motorcycle Jets, that would be better. Spurs is a cooler name than Jets, at least spurs still have the stigma of a bad ass cowboy. Go Maple Leafs under 6. Ya I just wrote 5 sentences about how Leafs are basically cooler than Jets, so what?

Flames -120 vs Canucks +100 o/u 5.5 — Denis is here for the last game of the night and decided to go with the Flames and over 5.5 goals. I feel like these two teams play every other day but I guess that’s just the curse of covid and the current NHL schedule. Did you all know Canuck is a slang word that Americans made up for Canadians that spoke French in the 1800s? That’s right, Americans made It up and then in 1900s Canada named a team in their favorite sport after it, bunch of hosers. <insert the more you know star gif> . Go Flames.


Mavs -1 over 224.5

Kings +2.5 over 230.5

Jazz -5 over 226.5

Leafs -135 under 6

Flames -120 over 5.5

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