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I went 1–4 last night on the NBA bringing my total down to 49–55. My record may be down but I am not, im blaming my bad gambling 50% on corona and 50% on James Harden for being a fat piece of shit. You sometimes see baseball players fatter than you are and you often see football players fatter (and faster) than you are, but how often do you see 6’5’’ NBA guards who are fatter than you are? It like seeing a really fat cop. How the fuck is that fat cop going to catch some rebellious teen trying to smoke reefer? How the fuck is fat ass james harden going to drive to the basket on Anthony Davis? It makes no logical sense.

Thank goodness the NHL is here to take the pressure off of the NBA woes. With the NHL starting tonight im going to throw some NHL picks in and like I said ive never bet on the NHL before so I might call some friends for advice and add that daily to the blog, we’ll see. Ill still be keeping it somewhat short (around 5 games a night) at least until the NBA sorts out this corona mess. Are there any fat guy in the NHL? Phill Kessel is the only one that’s coming to mind right now and he wasn’t nearly as fat as Las Vegas enthusiast James Harden.


Mavs vs Hornets +4 o/u 219.5 — Mavs-4 all day here, I have no idea who is playing I this game but the hornets are so up and down you can just bet the Mavs and hope for the best. On a side note, I hope dallas trades for Harden. It would keep him close to the strip clubs that he loves in Vegas and there is no way he could complain about the talent on the Mavs, right?

Pelicans vs Clippers -6.5 o/u220.6 — I have no idea who is playing in this game either but im going to take the OVER 220, it worked with the 76ers and heat last night, why not work again here. The NBA needs to get their corona problem under control, the games are still fun to watch but when you have no idea whos playing it makes gambling on the sport a bit tougher.

Bucks vs Pistons + 10.5 — Hawks vs Suns was going to be here but it is currently postponed I think. Like I said the other day, every win the Bucks have is by 10+ points and I think they’re going to win this one so lets take the Bucks +10.5. I know im often on the wrong side of the bucks games but its slim Pickens right now with the way corona is postponing everything.

NHL -Money line will be how im taking NHL winners, that or the over/under.

Penguins +105 vs Flyers -115, o/u 6 — First game of the season is an all Pennsylvania one and just for fun im going to take the OVER 6 goals. Im sure there are some stats out there about how many goals get scored the first game of every season and while I haven’t looked those stats up, im hoping that they say lots of goals get scored.

Blackhawks +210 vs Lightning -250 — HAWKS +210 sounds like a good bet to me, youd have to lose more than 66% of your games at +210 to not make money (I think anyway, math is hard) so taking a historically good team like the Hawks at +210 sounds like a solid play.

Corona is ruining everything including gambling but hopefully if we hold on for a few more weeks it will pass thru the pro sports world or maybe sports are ruined for the whole year, who knows.


Mavs -4

Bucks -10.5

Clippers/Pels OVER 220.5

Penguins/Flyers OVER 6 goals

Blackhawks +210

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