Monslay Monday

We had another terrible Sunday, sort of. Our Picks went 4–9 on Sunday which is awful, we as a group stink right now. We can’t put the blame on me or any one picker but for the most part I blame Rafi. As ive said, Rafi has a pet pig named juju and Rafi wont let me sacrifice said pig in some sort of juju changing ritual. Real selfish Rafi, do you even care about this blog I started almost 3 months ago? Sheesh, have some perspective, pot belly pigs only live like 20 years, this is a 3-month-old blog dude! Plus she might taste good, she eats lots of acorns and fresh veggies. We did run into a little bit of luck this weekend though, one of the 5 golfers we selected to win this weekend actually won one of the tournaments. We of course didn’t pick the correct golfer in the big actually good tourney (WGC) we picked the correct winner of the cursed Puerto Rico Open, congrats to Brandon Grace, you’re never going win another tournament besides the PR open again. Because Grace was a 20–1 bet and we picked 5 total golfers im going to give us a +4 bump (Math) which puts us to 8–9 on Sunday and 143–143 overall. That’s right folks, we are officially down to .500 and Rafi wont let us sacrifice his pig. Oh well, plenty of games coming up and if we lose enough of them ill just break into Rafi’s house and do the ritual myself, Sarah is probably with me, though not happy about the killing part, she just wants some good bacon.

Nuggets vs Bulls +5 o/u 229 — Jacob picked this game and I was making fun of Jacob for always picking favorites so he picked the Nuggets -5 and the over. Jacob knows I love the bulls so I feel like this pick was made out of spite but to be fair when I picked the Bulls the other day and lost, he picked the Suns and won so maybe he’s just better than me at NBA picks. We had an ok weekend in the NBA but a little below .500 on the picks so I hope this is a winner even though it would mean my bulls lost big.

Jazz vs Pelicans +7 o/u 235.5- Even though we need winners I let Sarah have a crack at the NBA because I mentioned her in the eating juju part. Sarah did the right thing with the pick here folks, she went with the Jazz and the OVER. If you’ve read any of my work you know that I cant ever pick the Jazz or Spurs, even if I want to I cant so im happy Sarah pays ZERO attention to me or my biases and decided to go with the Jazz. I also like the over bet even though 235 is high because the Pelicans can score and when they are scoring, they don’t play great defense. Go Jazz (puke emoji).

Hurricanes -120 vs Panthers +100 o/u 6 — WOOOOO, Brad has decided to go with the HURRICANES and the over. Finally someone picking the adult hurricanes, im pretty sure Brad only picked them because ive been writing that I want someone to pick them but whatever. Also I think weve been on the wrong side of the hurricanes 4 times in a row now which means the panthers are probably going SMOKE them and we’ll be on the wrong side again. Im just happy that on a night with no Bruins or Celtics ill get to watch some hurricanes on ice baby! That jingle basically writes it self, what a great name for a hockey team.

Wild +125 vs Golden Knights -145 o/u 5.5 — Im picking this game because I felt like picking an NHL game today and it was either this or the Oilers/Leafs game which I feel like we’ve picked a bunch of times already this year. All 5 of the other bets on the Blog today are Favorites with Overs, I didn’t plan it like that, its just how the picks came to me SO because of that and only because of that, we are on the dog with the under. Minnesota Wild and the under 5.5 goals. BOOK IT BABY! Logically it makes sense, but really it doesn’t make any sense at all. Who cares what the other bets are, they could all be wrong lol.

North Carolina vs Syracuse +2 o/u 149.5 — Denis is here to pick this game and I might be wrong but im pretty sure Denis went to North Carolina and his oldest son went to Syracuse for a minute, so this could be a household battle happening before our very eyes. Also im not sure if Cuse is still banned from tournament play but if they arent both of these teams are currently fighting for a spot in the top 64. Basically what im saying is I have no idea whats going on but this should be a pretty good game with two teams who have a lot to play for. Also sports radio was talking about why this might be a letdown game for NC, im not sure why but I figured id pass that info on to the readers.

Arizona vs Oregon -5 o/u 139.5 — Devin is of course picking our last CBB game, ill likely have him picking one or two CBB games a day all the way through march madness so be ready to take his bets or fade him hard depending on where his gut is. Today Devin has decided to go with Joey Harrington (Oregon I think) to get us back on track with the over. Devin is referring to “back on track” because Iowa smoked ohio state yesterday but no one saw that coming, you couldn’t have known Devin. OSU was playing for a 1 seed in the tourney but somehow got killed by a struggling Iowa team, shake it off bud. I loved that shake it off song, don’t care who knows it, also that new T Swift sad album is damn good. Oregon + over.

Picks –

Nuggets -5 over 229

Jazz -7 over 235.5

Wild +125 under 5.5

Hurricanes -120 over 6

North Carolina -2 over 149.5

Oregon -5 over 139.5

PS- Ross if you made it this far, yer gonna start getting picks texts because I hear yer good at it and just not sending me any. Fuck you.

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