Monday Madness

Good morning everyone, what a wild weekend of college basketball THAT ISNT OVER YET. With the new format another full slate of games is on tap for today and I am pumped for it, I think I officially like it more than the Thursday start, it’s a little Monday come down. We went 5–7 again yesterday bringing us to 266–259 BUT if you took the Celtics you got an extra win and the Celtics finally won a game in convincing fashion, it took 10 made threes from brown but they got it done for once. Ross got a soccer pick completely wrong, I didn’t watch the game but a 3–3 tie in soccer seems like a barn burner, it was a double loser for us but WERE YOU AT LEAST ENTERTAINED Ross? That’s the line from the movie, right? Are you at least entertained? Close enough. Seriously though, maybe its because I missed the tournament last year but this past weekend was as entertaining a weekend of sports as I can remember, not since the red sox world series riots of 07 have I had more fun with sports im not involved in. 6 games on tap for today, lets get into it, CBB up first.

Oregon vs Iowa -5.5 o/u 148 — Devin’s first game of the day and he has decided to go with George Kittle and the over (Iowa over). Good vibes are bound to be had when you take Kittles side, he just gives them off so I love that but im not sure about the over Devin. 148 seems a lot especially for an Iowa vs Oregon battle, I mean if these two states battled as a whole I don’t know if they could get to 148, but what do I know, I cant name a player on either team even though I know Iowa has someone who is really good. Go George Kittle, Go Iowa, Go Over, George kittle is tall, that’s good luck for the over, right?

Colorado vs FSU -1.5 o/u 140.5 — An ACC team is involved so I figured I would see if Denis has any ACC magic left in those old bones. Denis decided to go with Colorado and under 140.5 points. I like it Denis, Colorado has looked really good and the ACC stunk this year so maybe this is a good pick. I mean I picked you because you seem to know the ACC pretty well and you picked it to lose so I hope this is research and not just a bias because FSU beat your tar heels at some point. Go BUFFS! Under 140.5.

Kansas vs USC -1 o/u 134.5 — Devin’s second game of the day and I have a couple things to say. First- Why the fuck is USC favored? Maybe they’ll win and make me look dumb like Arsenal did (tie is a loss for the blog) but come on, Kansas is a good team in a better conference getting a point versus a team with a worse record. Kansas beat Baylor FFS, who else is even good in the Pac12 this year, Oregon? Second- Devin did the RIGHT THING! And picked Aqib Talib (Kansas) with the over. Thank god you corrected your Michael crabtree pick devin and went with Talib here, now I don’t have to snatch your chain in real life on your wedding day. Kansas +1 over 134.5.

Celtics vs Memphis -2 o/u 221 — Jacob is back for Celtics picks because the Celtics won so im putting them back in the blog. Jacob of course took the Cs +2 over 221 and beyond my biases I think it’s a good pick. The Celtics “should” win this game out right and 221 is a low number so over is a good play. That being said, who the fuck knows with the Celtics, they could lose 120 to 99 and be a big ole dump in the pants because that’s what they seem to do this year. Go GREEN! Cs +2 over 221.

Hawks vs Clippers -6.5 o/u 225.5 — This game is mine even though I lost that blazers game last night, i got the Cs correct and I just need a chance at redemption, if I get this one way wrong ill shut up for a few days. Tonight im taking the HAWKS +6.5 over 225.5. Im not so sure about the over but I think the hawks are a good pick. They haven’t lost since they fired their old head coach and 6.5 points is a lot against a team on a hot streak. The only down side is they’ve actually been playing pretty great D on the win streak so im very uncertain about the over, whatever though, ill probably be asleep before this game is over. Go Hawks!

Oilers+100 vs Canadiens -120 o/u 6 — I gave this game to Rafi but he is having a busy Monday morning so he only gave me his pick, no mumbo jumbo with it. Rafi selected the Oilers with the under and I like it. If you grease up enough Canadiens with oil you can fit them under anything, right Rafi? Remember that fight scene from transporter when he oils him self up and fights all those dudes? He slides under like 4 peoples legs in that fight, good pick man. Oilers under. Also if the bad guy pours a bunch of oil on top of water and lights it on fire you have to swim under it to get away, i learned that from 3 Ninjas. Under x2 baby.

Iowa -5.5 over 148

Colorado +1.5 under 140.5

Kansas +1 over 134.5

Celtics +2 over 221

Hawks +6.5 over 225.5

Oilers +100 under 6

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Will write for food. Not Serious but sorta serious

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Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan

Will write for food. Not Serious but sorta serious

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