Monday Funday

Happy Monday y’all, its officially the last day on this set of picks. Im not sure what im going to do next on the blog, might be more picks, might just be a normal blog, might start reviewing gay porn, they say find what you are good at and try to get paid for it, either way though this set is almost over. We went 5–5 last night keeping us 2 games under .500 at 332–334, we should have went 6–4 but I wrote down Ross’s pick wrong and that’s on me, my B. It’s been a long road with loads of bad picks and mistakes, I wish I could write a “best picks” blog from our last 600 but the truth is you really only remember the losers and seeing as how we don’t do research around here, im not going to go back and find our best picks. Instead, im going to go by feel and do the NBA awards (MVP, DPOY, ROY, MIP, Sixth Man) and tack on a worst gambler then do todays picks after, sound good? Great.

Most Valuable Player — This is going to be the MVP to me and it might be different to the readers but the MVP for me is Devin. Devin responds to my crazy texts in a timely manner, even when he’s busy at work or with his wife and he gives me TONS of fodder to write about with his crazy alumni selections, plus Devin will pick any sport and not care at all about It, which is what I was looking for. RUNNERS UP- Rafi for his craziness making easier to write and Ross for actually picking winners.

Defensive Player of the year — Denis. Denis is my DPOY because he responds to texts quickly and he rarely goes 0–2, 1–1 splits are kind of his usual. If you are going to be a DPOY you need to show up and stop the bleeding, and that’s what Denis did. RUNNER UP — Sarah — Sarah didn’t cash a lot of winners but she did split a lot of games and she never responds right away but I know when her break is at work because she always responds at the same time.

Rookie of the year — Sarah — Sarah isn’t a gambler except for Super Bowl squares and she did better than most of you idiots who gamble quite a bit. RUNNER UP — My dad, its sort of illegal for him to gamble on college sports at least so he’s clearly a rookie. Grats dude, sorry i made those jokes about grandpa falling on Easter. Also im not sorry, but you know that.

Most Improved Player — Andy. My bruins picks all started with Tom but he was getting shit wrong at the end and Andy stepped in with much better takes. I don’t know if that means Andy improved at all but the NHL situation we had going on as a whole improved- ergo MIP Andy. Runner up -Me I guess? Once I stopped betting on the Jazz and Spurs I started to make money so all I had to do was stop that to improve, go me.

Sixth Man — Ross — Ross came in halfway through to save our soccer picks and he did a GREAT job at it. Ross makes good picks in any sport but is great at picking soccer, especially when compared to the rest of my soccer fan friends, y’all dont know shit about soccer compared to Ross. You never answered my question about soccer fans vs college football fans though ROSS! Get back to me- RUNNER UP — Lauren — Lauren didn’t give a lot of picks and she was up and down overall on the ones she did give but she was always there ready to put up points when called upon, very lou Williams esque, a consummate 6th man candidate.

WORST GAMBLER- Foreign Correspondent Brad — Brad you knew this was going to be you, didn’t you? You just arent a good gambler bud, I still love your opinion though. Knowing someone is going to be wrong is just as good as knowing someone is going to be right when it comes to gambling. RUNNER UP — Me again. I fucking sucked at the NBA to start this blog, I got better as the month went on but MAN did I suck.

Honorable mention- Jacob your favorite sport is the NBA which are the awards i decided to give, you were probably my most texted picker over the last month and I left you off this list on purpose. Fuck you Jacob, no NBA superlative for you. Thanks for the help.

Last set of games –

Wolves +190 vs West ham +180 Draw +210 o/u 2 — Ross got this one and he did the wild thing deciding to bet on Draw +210 with the over. Personally I would have taken Westy +180 and the push on goals but thanks for the input the Ross, hopefully both of these teams put up 2 goals and you don’t make me look dumb for calling you the Sixth man of the year, I knew I should have given that award to Lauren, so stupid of me. DRAW and OVER!

Orioles +200 vs Yankees -220 o/u 9.5 — I still cant currently figure out MLB odds, why the fuck are the orioles +200 dogs in this game? Even if they lose by 1000, +200 is still a solid bet with an out like under 9.5 runs. Lauren got this game and that’s exactly how she picked it, Lauren is on the Orioles +200 and UNDER 9.5 runs. Even if this is a loser, its still one of the best bets on the board. Why not try to double up on game 4 of the MLB season.

Jazz vs Mavericks +6 o/u 224 — Denis is here for this one and decided to go with the Mavericks +6 over 224. One last bet against the Jazz Denis, I fucking love it, fuck you Jazz. Ive lost so much money betting against the jazz and spurs this year, I hope they lose so hard. GO MAVERICKS.

Golden Knights -135 vs Blues +115 o/u 5.5 — Sarah got one last NHL game and she decided to go Golden Nights because they sound promising and over because they are golden. Love it ROY Sarah. Go Knights!

Baylor vs Gonzaga -4.5 o/u 159- Devin got this game and he did the right thing taking Baylor +4.5 and under 159. Devin thinks 159 is a shit load of points which I agree with, he also wants to see Gonzaga’s year end with a loss, fuck going undefeated. UCLA alumni Nikki and Bill Walton also agree, they picked Baylor to win out right, fuck zaga x3. GO BAYLOR, GO TEXAS!


West Ham DRAW +210 over 2 goals

Orioles +200 under 9.5 runs

Mavericks +6 over 224

Golden Knights -135 over 5.5

Baylor +4.5 under 159

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