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Happy Thursday y’all! It may be Thursday but it feels like a Friday to me, the weather is warm, my favorite golf course is opening up, the masters is on, and I got the grill out of the shed yesterday, man it’s going to be a good weekend. We wrapped up the old record on Monday and luckily Monday night we went 7–3 which pushed us 2 games over the .500 mark at the end, its always good to finish on a high note. I think going forward for a little while im just not going to keep track of what picks we make. We will still put some picks in and try to get the game/event of the week but texting everyone every morning got exhausting; I don’t want to talk to people that much or read what they have to say, so this will just be easier.

Speaking of game/event of the week, as I mentioned the Masters is this weekend and even though Tiger Woods cant play it should still be very entertaining. If you haven’t watched the videos of Dustin Johnson versus the ForePlay guys from barstool (both on youtube), I highly recommend it. He plays against them with just a 9 iron in one video and plays the whole round lefty in the other, also in them he himself is highly entertaining, it’s a great watch and DJ is a freak. The other big Masters story is obviously Bryson and what a monster douche he is. I love Bryson though; I think he’s great. He’s some super sensitive nerd in a muscle heads body, its entertaining as shit to watch and I don’t think he will win which makes it even better.

Golfer picks for the weekend — I don’t have odds on any of this yet because im being very lazy BUT –

Kevy — Kevy has some Asian named S. Kim, Brooks Koepka and John Rahm

Sammy -Woosman, Lyle, Freddy Couples

Brad- Shane Lowry, Rory, and Justin Thomas

Me- Dustin Johnson, louis Oosthuizen and for funsies I decided to take Spieth. Like I said im not sure about the odds but I think we are prolly pretty close on our picks to start.

NBA- The Celtics are a .500 basketball team and im pumped about that!

Tonight I would take the Bucks +1.5 and Trail Blazers +6 — Ill write more in depth and get others opinions going forward but this is just for now.

NHL — Im staying away from the NHL for as long as I can, I and everyone else kind of sucked at picking the NHL on this blog BUT the bruins are finally not Favored in a game tonight. I say finally because the Bruins have sucked for like a month but every fucking night they are still taking money from you if you bet on them, win or lose they were always the favorite, but tonight you can get a little back if you want.

MLB- After an emarrasing start the Red Sox are looking ok. Im going to take them tonight versus the Orioles but that’s probably a dumb idea. Lauren is also taking the sox tonight, go Boston.

Not gonna touch soccer, or NFL. Soccer ill add in tomorrow and NFL is wild, Deshaun Watson has to be finished I would assume, its also crazy that the lawyer for the all the women accusing Watson is friends with the guy who owns the Texans, it’s a small world after all.

GOING FORWARD. Coming up ill have more picks like I said, sports stories I feel like writing about and maybe some other stuff.

ALSO Someone is going thru all the picks on the blog and making a spread sheet so we can figure out who sucks and who doesn’t, when I have that info maybe we’ll do something new. Till then, if you feel strongly about a pick or game being good or entertaining, shoot me a text.

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