Lovable Losers

Edit 4:09 est- off the top, i was wrong about the 2–7, the team actually went 4–5 last night(apparently i have fact checkers now) so that brings the total to 22–13. Also in this edit, if paul george is out for the clippers im changing the bet to Celtics + whatever points i can get, we’ll see.

Finally a losing night! 2–7 last yesterday bringing the 4 day total to a respectable 20–15. The Stars let me down but the rockets smushed the Grizzlies, making Jacob (post edit, jacob got half his bet right) look like an idiot so that’s a wash in my mind. Our best NHL bettor so far is Tom, so maybe ill give him a non-bruins game today and Devin is officially not a CBB or CFB expert (sorta is post edit), maybe we’ll give him another shot though. A tough loss in Cricket for Brisbane heat, apparently, they had a season ending, late game meltdown and loss in what should have been a win, shitty break for the betting blog, shittier bet for Australian Cricket Lovers. Also our Ukrainian Handball team that we were backing lost, but I cant find any video to prove it, shocking. Did you guys know the Ukraine has one of the best handball academies in the world? The more you know. I have a bigger blog planned for tomorrow because of the big game on Sunday so lets try to get some winners today. No Cricket, EPL or Handball, so its all NHL, NBA and CBB, lets get some winners or lovable losers.

Kings +205 vs Knights -245 o/u 5.5 — My friend Lauren requested I give her a game she knew nothing about so she could make her pick 100% with her gut and not have any bias’s in her way. I like the way she thinks, especially since she chose the underdog and the OVER, my favorite combo, especially in the NHL. Lauren is on the Kings +205 and the OVER 5.5 goals in this one and while she was on the wrong side of the Celtics the other day I think this bet is going to put her into the win column here.

Raptors vs Nets — 4.5 o/u 241 Jacob is back to pick another NBA game and boy does he have a doozy for us tonight. Jacob has pick the Nets -4.5 and the Over, the reason I call that a doozy is because if the nets win and the over hits this will for sure be the most entertaining game on what is a pretty boring sports night. 241 points is a lot, especially for the raptors, so if this over hits it will have to be an action packed game with lots of 3s or FVV is going to have to put up 50 again. Bold move Jacob, I like it.

Celts +6.5 Clips -6.5 o/u 220.5 Miller says Jaylen Brown is questionable which is making his official pick for this game Clippers -6.5 and under 220.5. Miller is a huge Celtics fan so I trust his judgment on this but man I want to pick the Celtics +6.5. That’s the peril of this blog though, it doesn’t matter what I want. The only thing that matters is what the people want, and I sent 2 texts out asking for other friends to give me Celtics picks so I wouldn’t have to take fucking Millers dumb clippers pick and they haven’t responded. Fuck it, Millers pick is in, Clips -6.5 and the under.

Bos -135 vs Flyers + 115 o/u 5.5– Tom is the only person giving picks on the blog who is still undefeated this week. He has only picked the bruins and overs, but still, undefeated is undefeated. Tom said the flyers are probably the pick tonight to get revenge for the OT loss on Wednesday but FUCK IT- Toms going Bruins and the OVER for the third time this week. Lets hope they pull another one out or at least split so tom looks smart for betting on his favorite team. On a side note, even if tom didn’t tell me to bet the game this way I would have wrote it like this anyway. Im going to Toms house for the game and why the fuck would I write that we are taking the flyers when im going to be there watching it? Makes no sense. Go Bruins.

Boise State vs Nevada +4.5 o/u 144- This is the last game on the CBB board tonight so I figured why not throw it on and hope for a late night winner. When I think about needing a winning college basketball pick I obviously think about Devin, so I went back to him today for this one. Devin’s response today was “Ian johnson statue of liberty play and the over” which means Boise state and the over. You see Ian Johnson ran a famous statue of liberty play for Boise state football about 12 years back and Devin either thinks I was walking about Football or he forgot that college football players only play maximum 4 years. Either way Boise state -4.5 and the OVER 144.

Picks — 22–13 overall

LA kings +205 total over 5.5 goals

Nets -4.5 total over 241

Celtics +6.5 total under 220.5 -changed to celtics when i heard PG was out, kept the under tho.

Bruins -135 total over 5.5 goals

Boise State -4.5 total over 144

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