Lazy Friday night

1–3 last night bringing the total to 95–99. A rough Thursday night but that’s ok, we had 1 push and 1 game get postponed otherwise it would have been better. The Bruins won and looked great, and my new favorite team the Houston Rockets look like they might be the real deal. They only beat those shitty spurs by 3 (I lose every bet I make against the spurs and jazz, I should really rethink this), but they had flashes with their full lineup where they look unbelievable. I think I talk about the Rockets too much at this point, but I just want it to be known that im driving the rockets band wagon. Im driving the Jazz/spurs scrupleswagon and im driving the rockets bandwagon, 3 wagons at once baby. Anyway, tonight is a light night of pro sports, only 1 NHL game and a slate of not great NBA games so lets make some picks and hope to wake up Saturday morning with some winners.

Cavaliers vs Knicks +1 o/u 209 — I have no idea who is going to win this game, no one does. That o/u is super low though, so I am going to take the over. The final score will probably be like 95–93 but 209 is too low to pass up. Lets hope this game stays close and its like 84–80 going into the 4th. This is also a sneaky good game, both of these teams might finish the year around .500 when all is said and done which is better than I thought they’d be. If you like defense and big men (tall, not fat) this is the game for you.

Bucks vs Pelicans +7 o/u 230 The bucks pushed the other night when I bet on them -7 so lets run it back, bucks -7 again. I think Ball is going to be out for the Pels and it seems like without Ball in the lineup their whole team just moves slower so I think the bucks will win big here. On the other hand I don’t really know what im talking about and I get my bucks bets wrong about 60% of the time, so maybe take the other side on this one, I don’t know.

Clippers vs Magic -3.5 o/u 214.5 -I only put this game in because im going to bet the Spurs and Jazz games and I want a winner. Magic -3.5 SHOULD be a winner. No Beverly, George or Leonard and the clips are on the second night of a back-to-back. If there is any justice in this league the Magic will win by 4+ points! Im prolly going to lose money betting against my scruples teams so I need this one.

Nuggets vs spurs +4 o/u 222 Nuggets -4. I don’t like the spurs and they don’t like me. I wish I had more to say than that but until I start winning some bets against the spurs I just cant talk shit. If the Nuggys win by 5+ ill have something to say tomorrow.

Mavs vs Jazz -4 o/u 222 — Mavs +4, same exact thing as the spurs bet. I don’t like the Jazz and they are going to fall back to earth, mark my words. Im pretty consistently wrong on the spurs and jazz at this point so being 95–99 overall is actually impressive to me. If I was unbiased at all and took the spurjazz (that’s right 1 word, spurjazz) a couple times, id be cruising along making some money.

Blue Jackets -130 vs Blackhawks +115 o/u 6.5 — I still don’t know anything about hockey betting but I feel like I owe an underdog money line pick and this is the only game tonight. Blackhawks +115 is the bet, and I feel pretty good about it. I also think the under might hit but im going to stay away from it because I don’t like cheering for unders. Im not going to bet it but this one might be a 2–1 final, just feels like a quiet Friday night hockey score.

Cavs/Kicks over 209

Bucks -7

Magic -3.5

Nuggets -4


Blackhawks +115

That’s all for now

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Will write for food. Not Serious but sorta serious

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Josh Kaplan

Josh Kaplan

Will write for food. Not Serious but sorta serious

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