Happy Friyay y’all, i feel good about tonight’s picks but a 5–5 Last night keeps us at 3 games over .500 (122–119). We were so close to back-to-back winning nights but the Bucks couldn’t stop the Pelicans from scoring, which was great for my fantasy basketball team, I have Lonzo and Giannis, but it was terrible for the blog. The Bruins also got smoked, which makes me think maybe Tom ISNT our best picker because the only games i ask him to pick are games that the bruins actually win, you know, a luck of the draw type situation, i got my eye on you Tom, maybe you dont respond to my texts when you dont know who is going to win and thats your strategy! Also I don’t think anyone has gotten a Hurricanes game correct, I always throw hurricanes games into the blog because my high school team was the hurricanes so i love it but for some reason we just can not get on the correct side of the adult hurricanes, maybe younger hurricanes are just cooler? Side note- how cute would lil baby hurricanes be? Like 2 feet tall with a dark cloud over em, little lightning bursts, tiny pieces of hail.

Golfer update- WGC Leader -6, Kisner -5, Finau -4, Hatton -2

Puerto Rico- Leader -7, Grace -5, Seamus Power -3. Everyone we picked is under par so far, nice.

First game up is a Handball game that is played at 1400 gmt and it’s the Spanish league! We have Nava vs Barcelona. Im mostly putting this game in here because it SHOULD be a sure-fire winner for us to start Friday with. Barcelona is 20–0, in first place in the Spanish league and Nava is in 15th at 4–2–15. If Nava somehow beats Barcelona we are cursed for sure or the moon or Saturn’s rings are throwing us out of whack, making us lose/pick the wrong teams and if Barca wins, we get a nice easy little bump before getting into the weekend games. Barcelona handball WIN.

Pacers vs Celtics -3 o/u 219 — Denis has elected to go with the Pacers +3 and the OVER 219. Sadly this is my favorite bet being used against my favorite team, which maybe isn’t sad? Either we will win the bet or the Celtics will win, that’s a win win for me right? Im pretty sure that’s Jacobs gambling strategy. I should mention that Denis grew up in Indiana so while his gut might be saying Pacers because the Celtics stink, his gut also might be picking the pacers because of his hometown bias. Both these teams kind of suck right now TBH, who knows whats going to happen.

Suns vs Bulls +6.5 o/u 228.5 — I threw this game on the list because I currently really like watching the bulls, but the readers should know every team that ive “liked” this year has turned to shit. Injury, covid, just not living up to expectations, all the teams I like eventually suck big donkey dicks. Im on the Bulls +6.5 here with the OVER 228.5, if Denis gets to use the good bet against me then I get to use the good bet FOR me. Go Bulls or at least don’t lose by 7.

Bruins -165 vs Rangers +145 o/u 5.5 goals. Rafi sent me a video of a midget trying to break out of police handcuffs and said Bruins with the OVER. He said the games against the Rangers have been close and its time to break these cuffs kind of game. I don’t know why the video had to be of a midget trying to break a pair of handcuffs but the man In the video was JACKED, he was definitely under 4’10’’ but he was JACKED so lets hope the Bruins get jacked up and win this game by a lot? Something like that? I don’t know anymore. Go Bruins.

Kings +150 vs Wild — 170 o/u 5.5 — Brad is here to try his hand at hockey because he sucks at picking soccer. Brad there is nothing wrong with being bad at picking soccer, it’s the most popular sport in the world because most people are dumb, ergo dumb sport. In the NHL though, Brad has decided to go with the Kings and the Under. At first I thought this was a bad bet because 5.5 is a low total and we’ve seen several teams this year score 7 or more goals on their own but these two teams are actually two of the lower scorers. So way to go brad, go Kings and under. DON’T FAIL ME AGAIN! Or do, it doesn’t matter.

Nevada vs Utah state -7.5 o/u 141 — There weren’t a lot of good college games tonight so I threw this curve ball at Devin and he did not disappoint. Devin decided to go with Collin Kaepernick and the over which means Nevada +7.5 and over 141 points. That’s the third underdog + over bet of the night so hopefully that brings us some good mojo. Go Kaep. Also the main reason I picked this game was both teams are 14–7, hopefully its just an entertaining game and doesn’t suck.

Picks –

Golfers — Watch them — Finau, Kisner, Hatton, Grace, Power

Barcelona Handball — Win

Pacers +3 over 219

Bulls +6.5 over 228.5

Bruins -165 over 5.5

Kings +150 under 5.5

Nevada +7.5 over 141

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