Boring NBA speculation

Where is Damian Lillard going to play next year? I keep seeing articles with that title pop up on all forms of social media speculating at where the great Dame is going to land, even supposed news outlets are writing them, and I hate that so I decided to write one. Speculation blogs are all garbage for a couple of reasons, 1) “Soandso is rumored to go to team x” rumors like that never come true when they are talking about the distant future. Sure, sometimes a real leak happens close to when a deal is done and someone gets some legit inside information but for the most part is just talking heads taking guesses that have no real fact or substance behind them which brings me to the second reason these articles suck, 2) they all try to use facts to say why a player will or could be traded somewhere because they don’t know anything else, they are news outlets trying to predict where a NBA player that hasn’t asked to be traded is going to land. For instance though, team x has cap space, tradable contracts and good young players that make the trade work but those trades NEVER happen, players rarely if ever get traded to the team everyone thinks they are going to get traded to, it just doesn’t really happen that often. The only time a player really goes where you think they are going is when the player forces that issue, which only really happens in the NBA. So what I decided to do was a little bit different, instead of ranking teams that player could factually go to or just taking a big dump and say he’s going to a random team that I pick for no reason, im going to rank where Damian Lillard should go for our entertainment. So this is going to be more where Dame SHOULD play and less about where he might.

Tier 4 — Not fun, who cares. The teams in this tier just don’t matter for a Dame trade, either the team is boring right now, the franchise is boring or in my head it would just never work out with whatever star is already on the team, they just clash in my mind.

-Kings, pistons, cavs, magic, pacers, wizards, bulls, nuggets, warriors, t-wolves, nets, spurs. Spurs are way too boring for Dame though im sure he would benefit from Pop as his coach. Wizards would be fun but they’re just a worse east coast version of Portland already. Nuggets Warriors Bulls and Twolves all sound like interesting Dame landing spots but the warriors already have a Dame, the nuggets don’t need Dame (Yet), we already saw what the Bulls look like with a Dame (rose) and the Twolves are destined to suck. Every year I feel like someone is rumored to get traded to the wolves and then it doesn’t happen, and the wolves finish with 20–35 wins, rinse and repeat. As for the rest of the teams in this tier, they just stink, they either stink right now or their franchise as a whole stinks, don’t ask me why or how, you know you can smell it. Though i am hopeful for the Piston future because i have a friend who HATES them and says they wont be in the playoffs in the next 5 years which i disagree with. Its my friend Kevin who thinks that, if you want to judge him for being a moron feel free to do so.

Tier 3- Fun but who cares. The teams in this tier would be fun to see Dame on but outside of the style differences they would wind up pretty much in the same spot they are already in. Teams like the warriors and bulls could have been here but I felt like they were less fun than these teams.

-Bucks, Suns, Hawks, Jazz, Dallas, Charlotte. All 6 of these teams would probably be the sameish team with Dame on it but just a little more fun to watch. Dallas would have nothing but Dame and Luka which would suck but be hella fun to watch, The suns, bucks and hawks would all basically be the same team they are now (probably). Dame is just Mitchel with Conley skills so I don’t even know what would happen on the Jazz and Charlotte just needs to not be hurt and they will be fun to watch, it would be fun to see him mentor the best Ball brother though.

Tier 2 — Fun but a waste. Now the teams in this tier fall into one of two categories, either Dame is a waste because of what they would have to give up to get him or its waste because Dame is in his 30s and he isn’t ready for that chris paul on the suns roll just yet, so his time line just doesn’t match up with a bunch of kids.

Heat, Celtics, OKC, Pelicans, Rockets, Grizzlies. The Heat and Celtics fall into the first category of they would have to give up too much to get him. While it would be amazing to see Dame with Butler and Bam or Jaylen and Jayson (alliteration rules!) those scenarios just aren’t going to happen without Dame demanding to go to Boston or Miami, he would have to force his way on to one of those teams. The other teams are just young and again while it would be very fun to watch him play with OKC or the Grizz, their time lines just don’t match up with his, YET. I could see Dame on the Pelicans in a couple years doing the Chris Paul thing, but it’s just not time for that right now. Also the more i think about it the more i want to move the rockets up to tier 1, but i have a soft spot for them which means they probably belong i tier 4 but whatever.

Tier 1- Teams that should try to get Dame and teams that would actually probably win a championship if they had him, and 1 team that should get him because even if he doesn’t win the Larry Obrien with them it would just be fun.

Clippers, Lakers, Philly, Toronto, Knicks. You put Dame on Philly, the Clippers or Lakers and they are fan favorites and odds on favorites to win it all. PG, dame and kawhi would be LEATHAL, AD and Dame would be probably the best basketball we could watch outside of watching Kevin Durant and Philly needs a guy who can shoulder an offensive load without imploding in the 4th quarter, which is “dame time” so i think he could handle that. Toronto has a great core outside of Lowry and needs 1 alpha scorer to get back towards the top of the east and finally the Knicks. I just think it would be fun to give Thibs another shot with another generational talent. We all know what he does to roll players, everyone looks better in Thibs system so maybe they don’t even need a second superstar to win, maybe just Dame would be enough.

Anyway that’s my list of teams id want to see Dame on. If you made it this far thanks, I never make it this far in speculation blogs.

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