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Finally a losing day! I double checked and im fairly certain we went 4–6 yesterday bringing the total to 26–19. Almost every bet we made yesterday split and the only one that didn’t split was a loser by 1 point, so it was pretty close to a good fun filled day of gambling. Tom is still at the top of the leader board at 5–1 because he only took the bruins all week and they kept cashing in, and our college basketball expert Devin (not an expert on anything) is doing fairly well betting on things with no rhyme or reason. Well I guess he doesn’t have NO rhyme or reason, he’s just using logic from other sports to make his bets, which is a bold move sorta. Today is going to be a double blog for Saturday and Sunday so fact checkers be ready for Monday, im sure ill get something wrong. I tried to get a little bit of everything in for the weekend and throw a few good props in for the superbowl, the props wont be on the official record but the rest should be.

Saturday — I was going to put Arsenal +160 vs Aston Villa +180 tie +250 o/u 3 on the Saturday bets but I woke up and the game was already on so let it be known I WAS going to take tie at +250, we’ll see how that goes.

Bama vs Missouri +3 o/u 151 — Devin says “Blaine Gabbert is in the super bowl so lets go Missou and the over”. Blaine Gabbert is of course Tom Brady’s back up on TB or might even be third string QB tbh and he did play football at Missouri so I think Devin is probably right on this one. Missou and the Over. Not only do I love the reason we are picking this game I love that we are picking the underdog and the game total over, my two favorite bets when you don’t know what’s going on.

Spurs vs Rockets -2.5 o/u 224.5 — I am the leader of the band wagon for the rockets and the leader of the scruples wagon for the spurs so I had to put this game in here. Im not going to touch the o/u but I am on the Rockets -2.5 here. Christian Wood is out for a few weeks but Cousins will do very well for stints and they still have awesome guards so fuck the Spurs. If you read any of my old blogs you would know I pick against the spurs pretty much every time they play and I lose that bet around75% of the time, so take this one with a grain of salt.

Nets vs Sixers -2.5 o/u 238.5 I wanted to have someone pick this game but no one responded in time so im going to take the Sixers and the Under. We went 1–3 in the NBA yesterday so I cant do much worse than that right? I think the Nets still wont have KD (I haven’t looked into last night but I know he was pulled from the game) and hopefully the 6ers get Simmons back then roll over the now much smaller Nets. Deandre Jordon cant guard Embiid can he? Maybe ill have to watch the fourth quarter of this game to find out. As much as I hate Embiid, he is the real deal and extremely hard for smaller teams to contain, especially with Howard coming off the bench essentially not giving any team a break at center. All gut feels, no facts.

Rugby- We have a little rugby action with the 6 nations cup going on (is it a cup? I feel like I added the cup part). For those who don’t know, Brad is from South Africa and played Rugby and Cricket ALL of his childhood, so if these rugby games cost you money, its his fault. Or maybe its south Africa’s fault? Or maybe its Americas fault for sucking at rugby, I don’t know.

Italy +23 vs France -23– Brad says France by 10+ points but the line is at 23 so lets take France -23 points and hope for the best.

England -14 vs Scotland +14 — Brad says England by less than 14 so lets take Scotland +14, you all know I love taking the underdogs.

West Ham +118 vs Fulham +263 draw +250 o/u 3 — Kevin and Andrew are both on West Ham in this game and they both took the UNDER on 3 goals which I did not see coming. Maybe Im too used to hockey betting so I don’t see 3 goals as a lot but I did not expect them to agree on it. I wanted to bet West ham and the over but Westy and the UNDER it is. Andrew hasn’t been terrible on soccer and kevin is back to .500 with his picks so lets hope this is a double winner.

Sat picks

Missou +3 total over 151

Rockets -2.5

Sixers -2.5 under 238.5

France -23

Scotland +14

West Ham +110 total UNDER 3


Edit 12:19 2/7 C’s line is +2.5 o/u 216. We are taking the Cs and the over.

Celtics vs Suns — I haven’t been able to find a line for this game yet, but when I do ill edit and throw it on. Im taking the Celtics and the Over unless they are both something crazy. Beating the Clips and putting up 120 points without their second-best scorer gave me all the confidence I need to bet the Celtics against the struggling suns. Cs win and the over hits, this is the ultimate all guts no facts picks because I don’t even know where the line is but im going over it.

Flyers +120 vs Capitals -125 o/u 6.5 goals — I had Lauren pick another hockey game because im sick of Tom winning. Lauren said she likes the Capitals in this game and the under. She knows very little about the NHL and she did the thing I don’t like where she picked the favorite and the under, but if I know sports betting like I think I do, the fact that I don’t like it means she is going to be correct. If it helps you with making a pick on this game, she was confident in her bet, even saying that she was feeling a 3–2 final. Calling out the final in a sport you don’t even watch is a move that I don’t just like, I LOVE IT. Caps and the under.

Wales +4 vs Ireland -4 — Another Rugby 6 nations (cup? I should really do more research) match and brad is on Ireland -4 here saying “Ireland will win by 7+ points”. That’s a quote from our foreign correspondent himself. This will give us a total of 3 rugby bets for the weekend and you better fucking get at least one of them right brad! If you don’t get any of them right im going to put you on handball duty (LOL handball duty) all week next week.

Liverpool+ 245 vs Man City +110 draw +260 o/u 3 — Liverpool sucked the other day and everyone says Man City is better than the pool and definitely better than the team the pool just lost to. So for those reasons Brad and I have decided to bet on the draw at +260. I don’t like the idea of betting on a tie, but fuck it, i was going to do it to arsenal, why not do it here? This is on super bowl Sunday, who cares? Also I don’t like the idea of betting on Man City, I don’t know why but it irks me.

Chelsea -210 vs Sheffield +625 draw +340 o/u 2.5 — Chelsea is the pick here and if they lose Kevin is going to be distraught. Losing to a +600 team would be hilarious, even tying them is still pretty funny. 90% of the money I saw was on the over which makes me want to take the under but we are staying away from it for now because the EPL o/u ers are weird. Chelsea -210 is the bet but we should all be rooting for Sheffield to at least tie, just so Kevin is upset. If you dont remember, Kevin is the one who named his dog after a soccer team that hes never seen live, stupid Chelsea.

KC vs TB +3 o/u 56 — This pick is brought to by my friend Sarah- Sarah is on TB +3 and the over. The reason Sarah brings you this pick is because I want to bet on TB and the over and she is the first person To respond to my texts confirming that she also wants TB and the over. I don’t know why I want TB and the Over so bad, probably because I think KC is the better team and in order for TB to win they’ll have to make the game entertaining as fuck and that’s all I really want, to be entertained. Either way though, this should be a great game with lots of props -

National anthem O/u 1:59 — I saw something on insta basically assuring this was an over so lets take the over.

Players with a passing attempt o/u 2.5- OVER we gotta take the over on this one. A WR, TE or RB WILL throw a pass during this game, id say it happens in the first half if you can find that bet out there.

Gatorade — My gut says Orange

Bill Belichick — Over 1 mention. Of course bill is going to be mentioned more than once during the game, hes the fucking goat.

FIRST alcohol commercial- Best money is on bud light of course but you can get Corona at 6x the odds so im going corona for funny reasons.

Will a punt be downed inside the 3 yard line? — YES, I have no idea really. Im just saying yes because it’s a fun bet that ill definitely forget about until it happens in game.

Gronk spike — OVER .5. If the man catches a tuh dee hes for sure going to spike the ball.

The last prop im going to throw in is always my favorite. Will it break the super bowl record of 76 points? Im putting money on YES. I do every year in hopes for a crazy game. If this game winds up in the 80’s we’ll all be better for it.

Sunday picks

Celtics whatever and total over whatever -ill put it in when I find it. EDIT Cs +2.5 total over 216

Capitals -125 under 6.5 goals

Ireland -4

Liverpool vs Man City- Draw +260

Chelsea -210

TB +3 total over 56

That’s it y’all, have a good weekend. Ill do an edit or two if needed but this should stay pretty much as is except for the Celtics game on Sunday.

@joshkaplanjk on Instagram and twitter.


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