0–6 last night bringing the month plus long total to 95–105. This will be the final record of the normal picks blog and I think 95–105 is a good record given how many times covid ruined one of my bets, including last night with Kawhi and PG coming off the covid list and killing the magic. Not to mention the fact that I lost every bet I made against the Jazz and Spurs for about 3 weeks straight, so it was fun trying to fight against that. As much as I love making random sports bets with no research (total gut bets are the best kind of bets) the point of this is really to kill time during quarantine and give me (and the reader) a reason to watch more sports so im going to take things in a different direction.

Starting tomorrow, or maybe Monday if im feeling lazy im going to roll out the sports horoscope blog! It will be daily like the picks blog and it will even have picks, BUT im going to start including other people. Instead of me picking with my gut, im going to contact fans or writers for certain games I want picked and write the blogs from a “how would you feel if you were a fan in one of these games” stand point. Itll be more interactive and if you are reading this and want to be one of the people I contact, let me know. ALSO if you have a game you want me to contact a different person about, feel free to let me know and ill try.

Sample: Tonight –

LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics +2 o/u 218. I called my dad who has been a Celtics fan since the 70s and he said the Celtics are going to get crushed. He thinks what lebron is doing at age 36 is insane (duh, of course it is) and he thinks the Celtics need more time to come together with their complete new lineup. Im not sure how much basketball he’s been watching this year, when I asked him he said he’s watched a lot but every time I text him during a game he says hes not watching. I don’t know if he still uses DVR or if hes watching the highlights package but whatever. He also said 218 was low and that maybe the over would hit.

He thinks the horoscope for boston fans is going to be shitty tonight. A loss to the lakers is never a fun night, especially when they play in prime time. I hope hes wrong but Lakers -2 and the Over are his bets.

Itll be something along those lines, so if youre reading this and know me, be ready for me to call or text you asking for a prediction, if I don’t know you and you are reading this, thanks for reading and feel free to submit a pick and feeling.

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